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From time to time we get emails from users asking some of the same questions, and so as a companion to the help file available directly in the game.  Here are some of the most common questions with the answers as well as a few common "How To" questions.  If you see anything missing, drop us an email at with what you would like to see added.


Q: I got a flush in my crib, but it did not count it, why?

A:The rules used in Cribbage Pro are based on those adopted by the American Cribbage Congress which state that a 4 card flush only counts when "in the hand". The same is outlined in the rules in the help file in the game. The rule in regards to a flush is one that is often misunderstood around the meaning of the flush in the crib or all "in hand" (see  As noted there, the 4 card flush is counted only "in hand" (not using the cut card and not the crib). A 5 card flush using the cut card will count in the hand and in the crib.  In addition to the link above from the ACC, here are some additional links on the topic you may find helpful:


Q: I think the game scored a hand wrong, where can I check it?

A:As mentioned in the other answers, the rules used in Cribbage Pro are based on those adopted by the American Cribbage Congress (see  We have also created a quick and easy to use Cribbage Scorer available on our site so you can put in a hand or crib and see how Cribbage Pro would score the hand.


Q: Does the computer make mistakes on purpose?

A:If your using manual counting, then on the easy and intermediate levels the computer will make scoring mistakes just as it makes sub-optimal choices when it plays cards/etc. On the advanced level, no mistakes are ever made by design. The advanced player is not a "perfect" player, and may do something you would not which leaves the door open for you to win.


Q: What Achievements are available in single player?

A:There are over 80 unique achievements you can earn, and a complete list of achievements can be found here.


Q: Why don't my local statistics, or my recent win/loss, match those in the "Top 50"?

A:The local statistics are tracked independently of the server and can be reset on re-install or other means. They are also only updated periodically to the server and are not "real time". This means you may observe a discrepancy in the two lists, or in what you have observed your win/loss record to be. Multiplayer statistics are tracked on the server independently for the "Top 50" and as such are near real-time on those lists.


Q: Can I clear my standing/points and reset in the "Top 50"?

A:No, not directly. This is not an option available today. The system is designed to rank players, and as you play and win against more advanced players your standings will improve naturally. Resetting statistics would currently mean there would be a "floor" to the ranking system. This may change in the future, but for now it cannot be done directly in the game.  You can of course uninstall and re-install the game and create a completely new account at any time.


Q: How are points calculated in multiplayer games?

A:For detailed information on how points are calculated for the game, check out our blog post on the topic here: Starting in October 2019, losing no longer deducts points. Read the announcement that reviews this and related changes here:


Q: Does the computer player cheat or is the deck stacked?

A:The simple answer is, No, it does not cheat and does not stack the deck against the player in any way. In fact, the game uses a true random source for it's shuffling and other random logic choices in the game from the secure random data provided through and the ANU Quantum Random Numbers Server whenever available. The strategy it uses is primarily to simply mathematically calculate the best possible scoring hands it could keep (on the advanced level). The same shuffle technique that is used in multiplayer games, is also used in single player games, and it is as fair and complete a solution as we have ever seen anywhere. Specifically, in regards to the shuffle itself, it is based largely on what is known as a "Fisher-Yates shuffle" for which you can find a lot of information online. Finally, after the shuffle, the cards are dealt out per the Cribbage rules starting with pone first, then dealer. All this together makes this likely the most fair and truly random shuffle and deal in any cribbage game provided on any device that we know of. For more details on the shuffle, see our updated analysis here: or the original 2010 blog post on the topic here:


Q: How can I create a "Private" or "Locked" game on Multiplayer?

A:To create a private or locked game that restricts access, say to only your friend or family member, you start by selecting the "Create Game" button (top left on Android) or the "+" button on the top right on iOS (iPhone & iPad) on the Multiplayer games list screen. On the "Create Game" window that shows, you will see a "Password" field where you can enter any word you want to use as the password to protect the game and make it private with the lock icon. You can then, or probably beforehand, share that password with your friend that you wanted to play so that they know what to enter when prompted after they select your game to join it.


Q: How can I add a friend on Multiplayer?

A:You can add a friend in multiplayer either in a game against that friend or from the friends list. If in a game, select the yellow chat bubble near the players avatar and if you are not already a friend with them you will see an "Add Friend" button to the left of the chat text entry field. Selecting that button will ask the other player to confirm the request and if confirmed you will then be "friends". If on the games list, use the "Add Friend" button on Android or the "+" button on Apple iOS and a box will appear asking for the user name of the friend you wish to add. Enter the friend's user name, and the system will send them an invite/friend request. Once that friend confirms the request, you will be "friends" in Cribbage Pro.


Q: How are player levels calculated?

A:Player levels in Cribbage Pro are based on a formula processed against the number of points a player has. This is not a linear progression, but instead as your level goes up it will become harder for you to earn the next level. The main breaks at which the points required to get to the next level change are:

Level 50: Next level starts at 8800 points and goes up for each 800 points earned.
Level 82: Next level starts at 35600 points and goes up for each 1600 points earned.
Level 89: Next level starts at 53400 points and goes up for each 6400 points earned.
Level 99: Next level starts at 143000 points and goes up for each 32000 points earned.

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