Cribbage Rules in Cribbage Pro

Cribbage Rules in Cribbage Pro

The rules of cribbage as adopted by Cribbage Pro are derived exclusively from the rules as published by the American Cribbage Congress.  As such, for a complete list of the standard cribbage rules, please visit their website cribbage rules page.  Please not that Cribbage Pro and Fuller Systems, Inc. have no affiliation, support from or relationship of any kind with the American Cribbage Congress.

The Object of the Game is to be the first player to score 121 points and be declared the winner.

Basic Scoring Chart

You can score points in cribbage for the following:

  Points Earned
Cards During
Hand Crib
Jack turned as starter card (points for dealer) 2
Jack of same suit as starter card 1 1
 • Two of a kind (pair) 2 2 2
 • Three of a kind (triple) 6 6 6
 • Four of a kind (quadruple) 12 12 12
 • Straights of three or more cards: per card 1 1 1
 • 15-count (sum of any combination of cards) 2 2
 • Four-card flush (in hand; not crib) 4
 • Five-card flush 5 5
Reaching a 15-count exactly 2
*Reaching 31-count exactly 2
*”Go” (without reaching 31-count) 1
*Final/Last card played (not reaching 31) 1


* Only one of these scores can be earned with the play of a single card.

Please be aware that we follow these rules very strictly in the game as it is setup today, and the most common difference with “house rules” in cribbage would be in the scoring of a flush.  Please see our FAQ on the scoring of a flush in Cribbage Pro for more information.