Help – Cribbage Pro Hand Grade Analysis

The Cribbage Pro Hand Grade

A “Hand Grade” can be seen when scoring the hands for you AND your opponent. The Cribbage Hand Grade Analysis feature provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your discard choice compared to alternative options. By selecting the “Grade Details” button, you can delve into the specific factors that influenced the final grade of your hand (the calculation process is thoroughly explained below):

Selecting “Grade Details” shows the potential scores and ranking for each possible discard (as calculated against all possible random cut cards):

  • The top line shows whether it was your hand, or your opponent’s, and the calculated grade.
  • The second line shows all of the cards dealt for that hand, and who is the dealer with the crib.
  • If you want to learn more about how the crib average and total is calculated, you can select the “?” button.
  • Every possible discard to the crib is shown in each section that follows, sorted from the highest grade to lowest. The discard that was chosen/used is highlighted with a yellow border.
  • To better understand the scoring breakdown in each section, take note of the following information provided:
    • The resulting 4-card hand is displayed, along with the calculated minimum, maximum, and average scores for that hand.
    • An estimated crib average is also displayed, which is either added or subtracted to show the final number on the right side of the section. The estimated average crib score is based on only the 2 cards discarded, assuming any 2 other random cards from the deck are possible.
    • If the other player has the crib, the crib values will be subtracted from the average score. On the other hand, if the player has the crib, the crib values will be added to the average score.
    • For instance, in the example above, the “Avg – Crib” shows the estimated average score with the crib values subtracted. However, if it were the player’s crib, it would show “Avg + Crib” instead.

The “Hand Grade” itself is the percentile rank of the hand when sorted by the average score of the 4 cards selected plus/minus the average points from the resulting crib depending on if you are the dealer.

Unleash the full potential of your gameplay with this incredible tool that can significantly enhance your performance, providing you with invaluable insights to make important discard choices. Don’t forget, this is just a general guide, so experiment and unleash your creativity by employing innovative strategies to outwit and outsmart your opponents. Mix things up and explore new approaches to gain a strategic advantage! Whether you’re going all-out for the highest hand grade, or adopting a defensive playstyle, there’s always room for some good old-fashioned fun. This tool is one of the many important pieces of the puzzle, and when you’re up against some top players, you may need to use more advanced board-position-based tactics to get the win!