Contests in Cribbage Pro

Due to changes in Google's publishing rules for the Google Play Store, Contest play is blocked in Cribbage Pro when downloaded/installed from Google. To enable Contests, simply download/install the free version of Cribbage Pro from the Amazon Appstore, and use that free version (free is: "Cribbage Pro", paid is: "Cribbage Pro Online") when playing Contests. If you have the paid version of Cribbage Pro Online from the Google Play Store, you MUST keep that version installed on your device so that the game will know that you have paid and not prompt you to purchase again from Amazon. If you already have both the free and paid versions installed from Google, then remove the free version from your device prior to installing from Amazon. You can use the link below to install Cribbage Pro from the Amazon Appstore for free. Use this free version from Amazon to play Contests as this will detect your purchase from Google if you leave the paid Google version installed (removing only the Google Play Store free version). As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at

Get Cribbage Pro on Amazon Appstore Play Cribbage Pro with all the features enabled by downloading Cribbage Pro  on the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon Appstore is simple to install and there is often special pricing and paid apps that are offered completely free as the "App of the Day".
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